There are no vacancies for Grades 8 - 12 for 2014. Applications for Grade 8 – 2015 have now closed.


Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement, which is based on universal truths, encapsulates the ethos and values of the school.

Our Mission is to promote:

  • Human dignity and equal opportunity
  • Maximum freedom of the individual within the context of the maximum good for all
  • Excellence according to the talent and interests of each person
  • Commitment to the search for truth, the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills
  • Respect for community and environment
  • Service
  • “Cheerfulness with Industry”


We praise Thee Heavenly Father,
For youth and gaiety,
For powers of mind and body,
Great gifts conferred by Thee.
Direct the work and worship
We offer in this school;
And grant that here Thy wisdom
And love and power may rule.
Bestow on us Thy blessing,
To Thee our lives we bring,
Accept the praise we offer
As tribute to our King.

All that we are we bring Thee,
All that we long to be,
Accept us in our weakness
And make us strong in Thee.
Shield all within these precincts,
Watch o’er us from above,
Renew us with Thy blessing
And fire our hearts with love.
So may our school be hallowed
With cheerful industry,
The green of hope our emblem,
The white for purity.

(Words: DM McDowall, Music: Cyril Wright)


The day returns, O Lord, and brings us
The petty round of irritating concerns and duties.
Help us to play the man; help us to perform them
With laughter and kind faces;
Let cheerfulness abound with industry.

Give us to go blithely on our business all this day:
Bring us to our resting beds
Weary and content and undishonoured,
And grant us in the end the gift of sleep

(From: RL Stevenson’s Valima Prayers)